The flexibility of the cloud with added security and performance, hosted privately in BlazeCloud data centers using high-performance hardware. We look after your cloud so you can focus on running your business.

The Challenge

If your business holds large amounts of sensitive data, operates in a highly regulated space or hosts demanding applications, public cloud hosting won’t cut it for some, or all, of your infrastructure.

From having the peace of mind that data isn’t stored on public, shared resources to guaranteeing the responsiveness of applications, a private cloud offers a more scalable and cost-effective solution than maintaining physical servers.

The Approach

We work alongside our clients every step of the way, from initial scoping and bespoke design to migration and ongoing management.

The BlazeCloud private cloud is built to run resource-intensive applications. With a myriad of cloud services and solutions out there, our experts helps you to quickly understand the best solution for your needs, business goals and technical resources.

Once migrated, we take the pressure off internal resources by managing your private cloud infrastructure, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your workloads are always under the watchful eye of our cloud experts.

Considering a high-performance, private cloud platform?

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