MAKE AN ENQUIRY Application High Availability Cloud

It’s inevitable that at some point downtime will happen, so instead of just hoping for the best, our Application High Availability (HA) service gears your business and systems up so that failure simply isn’t an option.

The Challenge

There are a range of factors that contribute to application continuity and availability, from physical risks such as natural disasters and technology failure to safeguarding operationality and speeding up recovery.

When all of the potential risks and safeguards to application uptime are laid on the table, it can be difficult to know which pose the biggest threat to making your application truly highly available.

The Approach

By focusing less on point solutions and more on your users and how an application functions, we help your critical applications achieve the highest availability, protecting your business from downtime, avoiding customer disruption, data loss and diminished staff productivity.

From simple load balanced apps to complete micro services-based applications, we provide end-to-end service to reduce the risk of unavailability, improve operations and ensure maximum recovery… all while optimizing cost, ensuring your application is highly available, scalable and commercially viable.

The design and implementation of high availability applications can be complex, given the vast array of software and deployment possibilities, and for it to be truly successful, we like to engage with developers, users and stakeholders, getting to the heart of your application in order to futureproof its availability.

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